People Safety
Cargo Safety​
Process Safety

Artificial Intelligence perceiving and understandng like human

Fleet serving technology

New custom built technology, latest solutions and few years of development allows to deliver an unsurpassed quality product.

Your cargo fully secured

Securing the cargo is one of the most important things in logistics. With our system you can be sure your cargo is safe and customers served on time.

Perfect alarm system

Safeway system not only reacts to threats when a danger is imminent. It also analyses the area adjacent to your trailer so it can react in a preventive manner.

Safeway panel

Touch-enabled device with simple, easy to use interface in driver's hand. Driver can see what is happening around the truck.

Safeway cameras

Safeway cameras monitors the surrounding area around the truck, it allows to view live stream or even records!

Online fleet management

Secured and encrypted access to Safeway's online portal allows manager to stay updated with security status of one's trucks and trailers.

Intelligent Video Analysis System for Transportation



For years Sternkraft engineers have been working on the development of Intelligent Video Analysis System that changes the face of transport. This is how SafewayFX2 was created – a solution that ensures the safety of the driver and the cargo, a solution that has never existed before. All key areas under control in one place.


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Newest Technologies

The brain of the system consists of algorithms specially developed by specialists that allow for continuous learning and instant data analysis. This approach required the use of the latest NVIDIA processors, special cameras, and the FX2 unit, which would work in difficult transport conditions, both in trailer trucks and in the last mile vans.

Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

The analysis of the track, driving style, cargo space management or the detection of an intruder and automatic alarm activation are just a few of the SafewayFX2 functions.

The system can operate as a standalone unit or be integrated via API with your program.


About us

Predictable and safe transportation? Now it is possible! As entrepreneurs, we often encountered problems in logistics. We decided to solve them. This is how a product based on artificial intelligence algorithms was created. 

Supplemented by cameras using the latest technologies and computer vision, it helps you safely deliver your cargo, while securing both people and vehicles. What was a challenge yesterday is a memory today. We give you control over the entire transport process. Regardless of your industry.

Who are we

Mariusz Kuczek

Sales Director

In Sternkraft responsible for sales policy and contact with key customers. Many of his successes in cargo transportation branch is supported by 30 years of experience and numerous awards. He knows the cargo industry very well, both the air and land market. Mariusz has perticipated in multi-million projects for industry leaders, including Schenker and LOT Polish Airlines. Associated with the Jagiellonian University and the Lazarski University, where he conducted research and classes with students. He holds an MBA from the University of Stockholm.

Marcin Lewicki


Inventor of intelligent security systems in the cargo industry. He is a pioneer in the development of Computer Vision technology in transportation. The creator and main visionary of the Sternkraft company. As an economist, he was associated with the investment industry. Immediately after graduation, he worked for Goldman Sachs (London). Marcin holds diplomas from numerous universities: the University of Cambridge, the University of Sheffield and the Warsaw School of Economics. Privately he is a family man, father of two sons. Marcin spends his free time actively on boxing and jogging.

Mariusz Walczak


He creates the company’s brand visual identity and supervises all marketing activities. Mariusz has been working in the marketing and new technologies industry for years. Associated with well-known brands in the IT industry, including Liki Mobile Solutions, IoToak, Frontend House. Head of the Marketing Council of the Software Development Association (SoDA). He is passionate about motivational techniques and coaching, he actively conducts trainings and workshops in the field of people and project management. Mariusz’s hobbies are mountain hiking, motorbikes and playing the drums in his music band.

Maciej Grabek


Responsible for the company’s technological direction and turning the vision into a product. For 15 years professionally associated with the IT industry. He is well experienced in both software development, maintaining its quality and system stability. He has worked on advanced projects with multi-million dollar budgets and managed teams of several hundred people. Author of books, speaker, awarded by Microsoft with the MVP title. Privately – husband, father, technology enthusiast and sport shooting enthusiast.


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