Powerful Video Technology Working 24/7 for Public Transport Safety

Aktywnie wykrywa zagrożenia bezpieczeństwa publicznego, analizuje w celu poprawy dostępności i czytelnictwa.

Advanced camera technology that identifies, alerts and deters human safety threats

AI fight detection

The best passenger counting

Unsafe Driver Phone Use

No Hands on Steering Wheel

Our technology works overtime to see everything that humans can't

No more worries about too many monitors to watch

Can he really everything?

Our technology improves security management and saves the expense of continuous monitoring of tracking cameras as before. Thanks to ICCTV’s technology, this process takes place in the background and doesn’t need the constant involvement of those responsible for it.

Powerful Analytics to Improve Profits and Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Ridership Analytics to optimize route schedules

  • Improve Accessibility & Public Usage Rates

  • Build Efficiences that Reduce Carbon Footprint

How it Works

Our System

Safer & more accessible experiences improve ridership

Active ICTTV Systems have been shown to reduce public transport crime by as much as 50%


  • Our Intelligent CCTV system detects fights (Crime Detection)

  • We will keep you secured with our intelligent security management tools

  • We guarantee Enhanced Public Safety Perceptions

  • Advanced Passenger Counting System for your Safety

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